Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Passion?

My passion is within Philosophy. Finding answers to questions not yet asked, and definitely asking questions that still remain after the answer has been revealed.

I am blessed with an understanding mother and a philosophical stepfather. The combination of kindness and critically thinking about situations allows me to fulfill my responsibilities at work and school with the utmost care.

I get my inspiration as well as my stubbornness from them. It is a continuing effort in trying to keep up with my way of life and meeting standards of theirs. Who doesn't want the praise and admiration from their parents? well, maybe a few would answer, they don't care..or are not as fortunate as others, but that's neither here nor there.

The point I'm trying to make is, my passion lies within human thought. I admire those and strive to become a successful person, not just in life, but as a human being. I still have plenty to go, but it can start with not conforming to habits that hurt others, like pollution and contributing to global warming.

My stepfather is pretty much a Buddhist..but since he's studied and read more about other faiths, cultures and spiritual sects, I would say he's really agnostic.. I admire his diplomacy and as well as his perspective and knowledgeable opinons. I would like to be a humanist like him. Someone who has seen and experienced life to the fullest and is able to comprehend what it means to be human and how to escape our nature and desires.

That is my passion, that is the life I strive for in this world.


*Ms. Nisha* said...

Thanx for believing in me!!! I'm glad that you show an interest in hearing my poems. I would be glad to show you but i don't think it is appropiate for class since it has nothing to do with the discussed topics.

*Ms. Nisha* said...

I think it's great that you have (from how you speak of them) such inspirational people to look up to and you are very lucky to have them!
How do you define becoming sucessful has a human being? I think this is a connotative term. i think it's good that your stepfather is agnostic; it's always good to be open-minded. i try to be that way in as many ways that I can (I must admit, I am a bit stubborm with some topics).
i also think that is a very good passion of wanting to seek all the possible knowledge and even still seeking after a solution has been found. It shows that you really want to learn for self and not because someone says you have to. Furthermore, it shows that you are not gullible. You dig deeper to see if that is the real truth. reading my blog, you'll see I like the truth. The only thing it sometimes in general, people are afraid to tell the truth fearing the consequences or trying to spare someone's feelings.