Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eco-Links/Blog Browsing

This week's blog assignment, i found to be most interesting in the first blog site given by Prof. X -
the Sustainable Cities Blog. Specifically because it draws close issues that affect New York City.

I like the blog pertaining to the recent cultural awareness issue of more diverse research teams being sent to Antarctica in research efforts. Why does it have to be just the "white" scientists finding out about Global climate change? Japanese scientists have been doing it for years.

On the other hand, the more immediate blog that gets me frustrated is the whole MTA issue with fare hikes. 7 train construction work on the weekends huh? Increased fares in order to maintain the subways?

Why is it that whenever I ride that silver shoe box, that all i see are MTA workers on their butts or on their cell phones. Not saying all of them do it, but I do witness it on a frequent basis. Metrocards are almost unafforable now; what was once 75cents to ride the bus is now a 2$ burden and a 80$ headache come time to renew a monthly unlimited card.

How much longer are we going to be able to live in this city that just keeps asking for more? Pretty soon people will just be forced to walk or bike somewhere.. which is a healthier and a better solution than mta or driving, but of course is an unrealistic option for most.

In the second blog, Gristmill, I enjoyed reading because it has to do with a collection of Global Warming topics, in a wide spectrum, not specifically targeted to just one region. A few random topics, but intriguing, nevertheless. Political as well as domestic issues like riding a bike to work because of gas prices, etc. Overall, I think that blog is very informational and thought provoking, even for just a minute.

In Green as a Thistle, I felt it was intresting how she managed to go green every day for 365 days. I am impressed by her dedication and motivation to keep going, but of course most of her blogs started off as honest and blunt about how difficult it is. just watching her last post about moving out was just disheartening to see how much longer it took for her to move stuff out by making multiple trips all in an effort to save the environment. I understand the principle, but realistically, it's just not something many would follow..yet. I admire her dedication and I hope many more will follow in her example.

In the 4th blog link, NoImpactMan, i managed to skim through some of the blogs and at first I thought it was just another fanatic blogger. More in-depth browsing, and I found that video on the bottom of his page that actually made the experience more enjoyable than burdensome. The video about the auto show, check it out if you get a chance. I thought it was funny. A little too much political talk, for my taste, not much attention grabber for the average 22-year old. Face it, if you know our generation is the next to lead, why not do it in an original way to get us to want to read what you write? lol blunt, i know but overall, i just don't enjoy reading about politics. It's vital to know whats happening, but i find politics to be an necessary evil. It's all greed and lies. period.

In the final blog link, Ecogeek, is an example of what I mean by catering to our lazi generation, which is fascinated by technology. I found it most interesting because of the fact that it shows the technological inventions of the future. I believe that the past happened in order for us to see a better tomorrow. the sad part about it is, most of these new inventions cost a lot of money and the average person does not have the luxury of affording most of these. So it's like what, the rich people will be all healthy and clean, while the other 90% of the population will be left in pollution?

I decided to leave a comment on Eco Geek's page because I like hearing/reading about new technologies as it becomes available to the general population. It's like a kid on Christmas, waiting on the latest toy. -=)

But he also had a small section about the MTA. anywhere i see that, I just have to comment because as a NYer, it's best they hear how upsetting the MTA really is.

PS. I promised Professor X that I will post the event of the Breakdance Club's club fair 2008 event. It's been a promising start this semester, and I would like to share our accomplishments for the past year.. check us out! Myspace or find some of our members footage on youtube (Recently posted was "Hip Hop Day at Baruch" I will look into possibly having an event that will promote "Going Green" as well as a Breakdance entertainment showcase in one.
Perhaps a Going Green Break Dance Showcase and Urban Wear "GREEN DAY" Event is a possibility. More to be discussed..


Jocelyn Perez said...

Wow, I really liked how you went in depth about each of the blogs and added the pics from each one. ( ur making me feel like I didn't try hard enough, but hey im sick lolz)
I could identify with you when it comes to the frustration we are subjected to on a daily basis, thanks to the MTA. They give us fare hikes, then have the audacity to say that improvement won't be immediate?!It's crazy how this system works.
As for making green, energy efficient products available to the general population,I believe it would be necessary if we want to see the true impact of these products. If we take, let's say your 10% of rich people and give them top of the line appliances, I don't see them making a dent in the eco-problem.
Let's just hope that the people reading these blogs are actually registering that this IS a major issue and that they CAN do something about it.
Jocelyn =)

DoctorX said...

Great blog! I loved Eco-Geek too!

Thanks for the photos and good vibes to your group.