Sunday, April 27, 2008

Research Paper Topic..

Thesis basis:> The Kyoto Protocol and the US

Key Points to discuss:

Tsunami disasters, caused by climate change lead to poverty and loss of valuable resources

ie; Land swallowed up by the sea,
-rising sea levels, earthquakes,
-difference in water temperature changes the migration/natural habits of fish which leads to losses in capital based on sea-ventures like fishing boats, trade, and import/exports from foreign countries.
-Conflicts can occur from neighboring countries trying to survive

-China being one of the largest contributors to global warming

-Alongside to Japan - Usage of energy
-What they plan to do with that Vow to stop Global Warming

References: The Kyoto Protocol
Discuss: Who, What, Where, When Why.

US- Why doesn't it ratify the Kyoto Protocol of reducing its emissions?

Reason for collaboration among Asian Countries and worldwide cooperation?
-To avoid future destruction of countries, esp. Asian.
-To educate the people
-To better prepare for a future generation that will have the tools already set in motion to fully combat Global Warming and save the world, as well as our economies.
-Asia is a key source of import/export in US and other countries also rely on their resources and trade
-Asians make 2/3 the things we buy (xP)
-Global concepts in technology and steps towards stopping global warming occur in Asia (ie: car emission standards, experiments conducted in the oceans outlying Japan)

(Stop Global Warming, Save the Asians! ---maybe a future presidential campaign? )

I would probably like to address this paper to a state congressman. just to inform my perspective on the situation that most people tend to be passive on (ie:, Asian influence on Global Warming)

How does the Kyoto Protocol affect life in the US?


Fidel-T said...

I am not clear about what the Kyoto Protocol is. However, i am guessing it is some type of policy aimed at preventing global warming in which case it seems like a good topic. If this is the case then maybe you can talk about how humans are capable of preventing disasters.

*Ms. Nisha* said...

I think you have some good topics here. I think the Tsunami disaster would be good because that was something big; kind of like katrina. It would remind all of us of that, for those who have forgotten. But if I had to choose one I would like to hear about, It would be China being the largest contributor to global warming. The reason why I like this one most is because It's something I never thought about and it has opened my perspective. I like that!

DoctorX said...

Too big; too many things--you need to narrow down

DoctorX said...

Seriously--the idea is not abd, but you need to figure out a way to narrow it down: could it be "Stop Global Warming, save the people of X?" That way you could focus on one part of the region and the consequences of global warming on them.